Customer Service Slogans

Customer service slogans can be cheap talk.

WORKS Model ™
- Wow Customers
- Repeat Purchases
- Keep Growing
- Slash Costs

Slogans are a promise to your customer. If you use a slogan for your small business marketing that emphasizes customer service in some way, make sure you do what you say. Broken promises make your business look undeserving of your customers' trust.

Words of Wisdom
In order to sell a product or a service, a company must establish a relationship with the consumer. It must build trust and rapport. It must understand the customer's needs, and it must provide a product that delivers the promised benefits.
- Jay Levinson

Poor Customer Service Slogans

Don't set the bar too low. I've seen two slogans recently that got me thinking about this. One was "The on-time electrician". The other was "The punctual plumber".

When I read these, I couldn't help thinking, "We may be inept, but at least we're on time." Being on time, or punctual, is a great thing. But is it a good customer service slogan? I think you can set the bar just a little bit higher. Don't you?

Good Customer Service Slogans

One of my favorite companies is Zappos. Their slogan is "Powered by Service". It's on the box that gets delivered to my house. I like this slogan a lot, because it uses the more general word of "service" and it puts service at the center of what this company stands for. Very nice.

Ford used to have a good customer service slogan - Quality is Job #1. As a customer or potential customer, I'd like to know that they take quality very seriously.

I bank with US Bank. Their slogan is "Serving you". Simple and to the point - I like it. So far I have received great service from them, and would recommend them to others.

Another slogan that seemed insane at the time was "We Try Harder", used by Avis. It didn't seem to promise anything substantial, but it helped Avis grow their sales. Americans love the underdog.

Lowe's Home Improvement uses the slogan "Let's Build Something Together". This slogan says to the customer, "You are not alone in this. We're here to help you." I think people like the feeling that comes from knowing someone is there to help you.

The Next Great Slogan

The next great slogan is yours. What will you promise your customers? How will you make sure to keep this promise no matter what?

Will you promise to be fast? Friendly? Will you promise to help them achieve their goals? Think carefully, promise what you know you can do, and then over deliver on your promise.

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