What is a Marketing System?

A marketing system is any process that helps you do the things you are supposed to do, every time, in a consistent way. I can help you create systems to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Here are a few examples of systems.

  • A lead generation system that lets you find and qualify prospects with the minimum amount of effort.
  • A lead conversion system that lets you take qualified prospects through a series of steps to become customers.
  • A sales management system that lets you track purchase information about each of your customers.

These systems can and often do use software to streamline the work. But software is just a tool, not a cure all.

A great system has two important features:

  • It has a series of well-defined steps, which ensures that you don't skip important steps or forget to follow up.
  • It allows you to track information which you can analyze.

Don't Skip Important Steps

Every nuclear power plant in the United States has a set of books that outline procedures for what to do in a variety of operating conditions, and also include emergency response procedures for every imaginable kind of problem.

The first step in every emergency is to open the correct book and read the instructions for how to respond. Why? Nobody should trust their memory when it comes to emergency response. Don't take chances - follow the written procedures.

This is the same kind of approach you should take for your most important business and marketing systems. Document what you do to get a customer, including when to follow up and how. Document what you do when you make a sale, including the follow up thank you card that you send out. Document the most important procedures in your business, and refer to that documentation every time. This keeps you organized and consistent.

Track Information

Tracking information is crucial to improving your business. You must track information in a way that makes it easy to analyze. This is where a good software package can help you.

The information you track, in its raw form, is called data. It is the input for any sort of business or marketing analysis you might want to do.

What should you track? The short answer is anything you want to measure.

Every business should track information about how it gets customers to measure the cost of getting new customers. It's also nice to know if customers that you get from one method (like referrals) are more profitable than those you get from another method (like advertising). The kinds of information you can track are limitless.

Are you tracking the most important information in your business? Contact me for help with this critical task today.

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